1) What is a retractable pool/spa enclosure? Is it a winter cover?

Yes, it protects the pool from inclement weather but it also acts as a permanent enclosure, which is useable year round in most applications as an indoor pool/spa application. As an outdoor enclosure, simply roll it back into its open position and the pool or spa are outside. Our products, which are designed as a trackless system, have so many benefits over a tracked system which is available in the industry. Read on and we will provide the differences within our question and answer session.

2) Is a Roll-A-Cover enclosure a thin tubular designed product that is cheap looking?

Roll-A-Cover enclosures are designed to withstand wind speeds in excess of 140 MPH and a snow load in excess of 60 per square foot. The system has been designed with strength, longevity, and safety in mind. It's an addition over your pool/spa with wheels!  We are at least twice the structural design over any other form of trackless enclosures in the industry. We are a custom fabrication manufacturer which means that, we build to design if need be which gives us an incredible amount of design flexibility. Enclosures not only have architectural enhancements designed within the system it also has custom components that can only be appreciated by seeing one of our many enclosures in the marketplace today.

3) I have an existing pool, will it work on my pool?

The chances are, yes. There may have to be a few modifications to your site in regards to the size of your existent surface and or quality of its level and flat surface. We always require the site to be evaluated by you, an architect, local contractor or by our Roll A Cover team.

4) Do your Roll-A-Cover enclosures have to be fastened down? 

There is a different tie down requirement for each application. Most applications have only the fixed section fastened with an anchoring system and all temporary anchors set for each additional 7" rolling section. The internal locking system provides the protection from intruders but for storms, we recommend having your enclosure secured to a satisfactory structural concrete surface.

5) Is it hot in the enclosure?

Our enclosures have a UV protective coating on the ¼” inch polycarbonate (non-acrylic) and a 10-mil twin wall roof system. We do have the option of sliding doors with screens around all perimeter side walls for added air flow.  We also offer ¼” tempered glass as option which, as long as it meets the local codes for your application is what we recommend doing.


6) Does the heat gain benefit the pool water?

Of course! It has the ability of protecting the heating of your pool water from your heating system plus raises the water temperature by 10-40% and also increase the ambient air temperature by 15-25 degrees. Don't forget about the protection from leaves dirt and other falling debris. We have projects in Canada that have shown 70-80 degrees inside the enclosure when the sun is out and the outside is under 40 degrees. There are a lot of environmental conditions that can change this projection however.


7) Who would I buy this enclosure from?

We recommend that you contact our corporate office at a toll free number 866-393-7292 and ask for a design consultant. We have many representatives throughout the world for our product but of course, we have a factory direct program for areas where we are not represented. You could buy our enclosures as a self install or have our in house installation team do the job for you.

8) How big can your enclosures go?

How about 32' wide and 100' long, is that big enough? Or maybe a 10' by 10' hot tub room. Our products are trackless; if you need a greater span, one of our accessories used for rough terrain is a low profile track. This component will allow greater widths. We have engineering to support our products; it's the way we do business. Everything matters with your local town requirements with wind and snow. We design so 99% of the time we are able to build your dream enclosure with governmental approvals. If we can’t built it for you we would refer you to someone who can.

9) Are there different heights?

Yes, 2', 4', and 8' heights and even higher based upon the design requirements of your site. Remember, we are also a custom fabrication shop so our abilities are endless. We have built retractable sunrooms with a height of over 15' high.

10) I don't have a rectangular pool and there is a waterfall at one end. Can you put your enclosure on our pool?

Everything is possible, but it also has to be practical. That's for the designer and you to work out. We can do a tremendous amount of customization with our systems, but there are limitations to the systems design capabilities as well.


11) Does your system have different colors with respect to the aluminum?

Yes and the colors that are stock are White, Hunter Green, and Sandstone. Hundreds of other colors are available but at an additional charge. We are now offering anodized black and standard anodized as stock choices also. We have provided over 15 different colors to the Roll A Cover family since our conception.

12) How long have you been in business?

Our background doesn't end with our over 45 years of combined fabrication experience, we also have been active in the hot tub and pool industry for over 20 years. Roll A Cover products were introduced over 5 years ago and since then companies like Forbes magazine and several major publications have viewed our products as the most quality driven products on the market. Please review our news section in our web site for all updated awards and endorsements.

13) Our site for the enclosure to roll on is fairly level, is that good enough?

It's important to have the site level and solid so that the system doesn't have to flex that much or roll over huge gaps in your block pavers or bluestone. For a sunroom the back wall needs to be plumb, square to the front rolling ground surface, parallel and smooth. We could add additional wheels if needed so that if your rolling surface has gaps.


14) Is the Roll-A-Cover enclosure taxable as property tax?

It's up to your local town. We consider our products portable in design but each town's views may be different from one to the other. It should be considered portable because it doesn’t have a fixed perimeter. Regarding taxes, remember, every enclosure that is over 100 cubic feet requires a building permit.

15) How easy is it to roll?

Very! Usually 2 people would push or pull the system and in seconds the enclosure is open or closed. If it's a bigger system it may take a couple of minutes by moving each section separately until the entire system is opened or closed. The retractable sunroom models often require just one person to open it and close it. It depends on the depth and rear wall height so when your system is being designed please don’t forget to ask on how well your systems going to roll with one person or two. As a design note, the wider the bays the better it rolls, as well, that is one of the reasons that we developed a 7’ wide bay so that you get easier opening process than a narrower bay.  


16) I have viewed, over the internet, several other companies that market similar concepts and product features. What sets Roll-A-Cover apart?

A) Decades of design, installation, construction and manufacturing experience with years in the pool, hot tub and swim spa industry.  The owner, Michael P. Morris also owns 2 Hot tub retail stores since the early 80’s and also has been a pool installer as well as a custom builder. His experience in the aluminum fabrication sloped glazing industry is probably his greatest art with his decades as a sunroom and greenhouse retail, fabrication company.

B) Engineering capabilities with a trackless design that no-one in the industry could match.

C) Several custom components that allow our enclosures to provide the finest weather-tight overlap in the industry. We don’t use large 3-5” gaskets between our bays, we are so well designed that we have the aluminum rafters overlap each other to a 1/8” with a hidden gasket for added protection.

D) Decades of fabrication experience in customizing our enclosures to your unique site conditions. We have built walkways, skylights (Fixed and retractable), bi-fold doors, fixed sunrooms etc. It's endless what services we will provide.

E) Roll-A-Cover is an American design/built product unlike the majority of companies in our field that import their enclosures from overseas and have severe limitations on their design and customization ability.

F) Powder coated paint for ease of cleaning and longevity from fading, and chalking versus the standard baked on paint surfaces. We do offer anodized aluminum as an option but once you have enjoyed the longevity and cleaning ability of our powder coat surface you would find that anodized and baked finishes are truly an old generation painting process.

G) Built in condensation gutters, which is truly a design marvel versus a non-protective rafter. You will always have condensation dripping down from a highly moisture interior space but our condensation gutters do offer a significant amount of dripping protection.

H) ¼" glazing on the walls and a 10 mil roof system for greater strength and longevity.


I) Polycarbonate (non-acrylic) products are used as our glazing versus acrylic that cracks under extensive weather changes and impact with yellowing expectations within a few years. As an FYI, at 1”thick polycarbonate is considered bulletproof glazing.

J) Full management staff as your support. From our sales to our design department with our manufacturing staff having over 4 decades of experience, our staff is ready to serve you. From our manufacturing to shipping, your installation process is closer each day. To our field support and owner driven management team, you are our first concern.

K) 5" nylon clear wheels with stainless steel self-lubrication brass housing for ease of roll and long term, maintenance free use. We do NOT use any ball bearing products on sill wheels.

L) We always recommend acquiring a build permit. We are a manufacturer with installation support, but we are not familiar with all local requirements. We do supply with our standard enclosures an engineering plan stamped for your permit process but site specific requirements may be a added requirement. We can definitely guide you through the process so don’t be afraid to ask.


M) We are always available for an on site visit, but please understand that we do ask for a retainer that would cover our travel costs. This is necessary due to the amount of world wide inquiries that we have.


17) Can I install the Roll-A-Cover products myself?

Absolutely!  We pre-cut, drill, tap and assemble many of the parts that you would receive. It's basically been pre-assembled and then dismantled and ready to be shipped.  We are always available with corporate staff and not-subcontractors to assist you in the install or take the project from start to finish.  We have had every single client that has installed their own praise us for such a quality installation manual as well as a well designed and prepared enclosure product. NO SAWS REQUIRED! Just descent carpentry skills and manpower and standard screw guns and hand held tools.


18) How does a Roll-A-Cover product compare in price to other products of similar concept?

It matters on how large you go. The smaller the enclosure, whether a retractable sunroom or a retractable pool enclosure, the costs could be as low as $65 per square foot of ground cover. Our enclosures average around $65-80 per square foot. Now, price relates to quality, architectural image and engineering capabilities. We always ask a customer to not review the costs as much as the product. There's a tremendous difference between Roll-A-Cover and any other retractable product in the industry. We are willing to show you the differences; it's up to you to ask to see them. As a strong marketing company could boast on their design features we have achieved the goal of being honored with several North American Awards and it’s not because of our looks. The bigger you go the less per square foot it costs.

19) What is the real benefit of a Roll-A-Cover enclosure versus a permanently fixed structure?

When the weather is fine, enjoy the outdoors. When the weather turns for the worst, close your enclosure and enjoy your swimming or dining area. There is also minimal maintenance except for hosing off the exterior panels when there is dirt on the system. With our powder coated paint process the sheen of the aluminum protects the system and allows for ease of cleaning. You should wipe down your rafters on the outside twice a year and the inside at least once a year.


20) The most confusing part about a trackless enclosure is why not have tracks?


We can offer a track system but why?  A track is designed with a tracked enclosure because the system itself can not stand on its own. It will cave in under downward force. Also a track contains dirt and debris from the pool and weathering elements thus it gets grimy, algae builds up and its ugly with those tracked areas.  You will have an ugly obtrusion sitting on your concrete surface where kids run around and play, not to safe.  It will also reduce your true flat area surface for chairs and tables because of the rise on the sides of the pool.


21) I adore my backyard and the beautiful impression that it has with the great flowerbeds and trees; would I loose that?

Look at the beauty of our design and the way that you can see through our enclosures to the outside or through your house windows to your back yard. Our enclosures are not unattractive like most pool enclosures that use aggressive looking aluminum or steel; they were designed with you in mind. Our enclosures are beautiful in themselves and for no-additional charge give you a back yard appeal that your neighbors will envy. With no visual hardware or screws that all other enclosures require to keep their enclosures together our clean looking details are truly the pride of our products design. Rounded and bull nosed components with an overlapping of aluminum and a built in hidden gasket gives you the added protection from the bugs and leafs that fly around.


22) We always see the companies corporate staff being used in the marketing of Roll A Cover products, is there a reason?


Oh there sure is? We not only stand behind our products but we absolutely would put our face to them every day of the year. Have you ever wondered why no other companies attach a corporate figure to their products? Its simple, we are proud of what we have built and what we are offering in the marketplace.


23) Your management team, are they owners or employees that are here today and gone tomorrow?


First, we have talked about Michael P. Morris’s experience and as one of the owners obviously he is here to stay. Dennis Martens, who is the Vice President is a owner as well as a instrumental part of supporting the clients whether they are searching for information about our products or they have become a family member by purchasing one of our enclosures, he’s responsible for the sales and support at Roll A Cover and he does a fabulous job. Then there is Kerry Taylor who is also a Vice president in the Engineering department but also an owner. He has not only been a instrumental part of the design of each enclosure model but also heads up the project design team and engineering support department. When we comes to terms with your design Kerry is the one that brings the accuracy of the design to you for your approval then transfers all of the detailed documents to the manufacturing department. David Pate, who has been apart of Mr. Morris’ fabrication business since the late 80’s has not only demonstrated his vast experiences as a fabrication leader but also has brought to Roll A Cover an art that is second to none. We have several other top quality long term employees that you will have opportunity in meeting once we start your project.

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